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 Façade Improvement Project


 The last few years have brought new vitality to downtown Titusville. A key part of the revitalization is the Greater Titusville Development Foundation’s Downtown Titusville Façade Improvement Project, which is helping freshen up the look of our city’s most visible storefronts.


 What is it?

     Created with an initial gift of $5,000 from a THS Alumnus, GTDF’s Downtown Titusville Façade Improvement Project provides a dollar-for dollar match up to $5,000 for downtown building facade improvements. The goal is to improve the appearance of downtown Titusville, creating a pleasant atmosphere that embraces the historical character of the Queen City.    The first round of façade grants in 2015 helped improve three downtown buildings.  The second round of grants in 2016 helped complete another eight storefront projects.  The third round of grant-funded projects helped complete six more downtown properties. 


 What's Next?

    At the completion of Round Three, the façade improvement project will have awarded approximately $84,000 in grants that helped complete nearly $250,000 in downtown Titusville Façade improvements!!!  GTDF received 9 applications upon the deadline of Round 4.  Because of generous donations from community members, we were able to award all of them with an additional $30,000 in grants and $67,000 in total Façade improvements.

 Can I Donate?
     Absolutely!!  Also receiving the Maximum Allowable Deduction for tax purposes!  Just click the DONATE button below and you will be directed to our Donation Page.
 Want to See the Results?
     Click the link on each Round to see the AMAZING before and after photos!

 Round One

 Round Two

 Round Three

 Round Four

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